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We're still working out the last gew kinks, but you're welcome to try our Beta!

Easily track your finances

Financial Independence starts with awareness. TrackFI is made for that purpose.
A home for all your finances; assets, liabilities, expenses and incomes.
Analysis and forecasts to help you gain control of your future without having to be an Excel-wizard.


Assets are your investments that earns or retains your wealth.
Accounts can be of either asset or liability type and categorized into custom categories to suit your situation. Asset accounts automatically calculates CAGR and XIRR on your investment.


Liabilities are the opposite of assets and doesn't get CAGR and XIRR but instead an estimation of the time needed to be paid off. Combining liabilities and assets in the same category gives you an overview, both future, past & present, of its value — a perfect candidate for this use would be real estate properties.


One of the biggest factors in future wealth is current spending. Keeping an eye on how your spending evolves over time can give you invaluable insight into how your future financial situation.

Networth at a glance

Comparing assets and liabilities results in your networth. TrackFI gives you a historic picture of your networth over time along with a breakdown of its composition.

Complete financial transparency

A complete overview of all aspects of your journey to financial independence.
In one place. Your financial home. Welcome.

TrackFI is made with one single goal; help take charge of your financial future by giving you a complete overview of your assets, liabilities, expenses, incomes and their relationship. Discover trends in your financial life with the help of TrackFI's analysis.

TrackFI only has one requirement; that you tally and manually input all of your financial numbers. There's no automagic help.
We believe a big part of gaining control of your finances is feeling them. Having some program to automatically calculate your total networth isn't going to help you. It's just a number, so what, next month it'll be a different number...

The act of tallying up each account, investment, liability, expense and income you have, makes it more clear to your subconsciousness that you actually gained or lost something. This is a crucial part being in control. You have to know what happened, and why it happened, not just have it be yet another number on a screen.

You're 80% more likely to reach your goals if you track them. Should TrackFI help you reach your goal?

Are you in control of your financial future?

TrackFI is ready to help you take charge, and put you back in the drivers seat of your future.

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